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Experience the irresistibly sweet and cozy embrace of our Pink Marshmallow Body Scrub. Indulge in its enchanting fragrance that transports you to a land of sugary dreams. This powerful yet gentle exfoliator works wonders, leaving your skin absolutely refreshed and moisturized. Crafted with love, this heavenly scrub boasts the nourishing goodness of coconut oil, almond oil, and vitamin E oil - unlocking the secret to healthy-looking skin. Unveil your inner radiance with confidence as this cruelty-free vegan delight takes care of you. 🛁 Elevate your self-care routine with a little touch of marshmallow heaven!

Pink Marshmallow Body Scrub

SKU: 000066
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  • Granulated sugar, coconut oil, almond oil, canola oil, vitamin E oil, emulsifying wax, cetyl alcohol, cap 5 preservative, flavor oil, mica powder

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